Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Progress Update

How should one spend one's time...

I've focused on implementation since january and have regretfully not posted any progress updates. This is what's been done since then:

  • Symbol table rewrite - DONE
  • Central compiler "driver" routine incl options handling - DONE
  • Modules and import handling - DONE
  • Generic (parameterized) types except for reentrant code generation - DONE
  • Proper integer literal type handling, range checking and conversion - DONE
  • Bool type and boolean expressions - DONE
  • Polymorphism (virtual lookup) for static members - DONE
  • Function objects retaining their closure (e.g. 'self') - DONE
  • Preserve type information in references - DONE
  • 'self' implicit method argument - DONE
  • Virtual methods - DONE
  • 'new' operator and heap allocation - DONE
  • Initializers / constructors - DONE
  • super() constructor invocation; super.method() invocation - DONE

My next todos are:

  • Generic type instance fields support
  • Interfaces
  • Checked type casts (with special if statements)

But before that I need to do an important refactoring. Finding a clean way of modeling the grammar nodes, symbols, fields and types becomes rather difficult when name overloading and generic types are part of the mix. I think I've finally found the proper dimension along which to achieve separation of concern / modularization. (And as so often, in retrospect the solution looks rather trivial.)

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