Git Repo and Getting Started

The current working state of the Tuplex compiler is availabile on GitHub:

I have not yet tested to build it on other systems than my development system, but if you have a ubuntu 14/16 system or are an experienced developer it should be easy to get it to build.

These are the prerequisite tools, and the version I currently build with:

flex 2.5.35
bison 3.0.2
llvm 3.5
c++11 compilation tool chain (I've used Clang and gcc)

As of LLVM version 3.5, I've also needed to install additional libraries in order to get the project to link. Other installations may or may not need to do this, anyhow these are the apt commands that I ran:

sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev
sudo apt-get install libedit-dev

If you have the above installed, simply clone the git project, cd to its base directory and run these commands to build the compiler:

cmake .

(If any tool, library or include isn't found, see if the paths in proto/src/CMakeLists.txt need to be adapted for your setup. Any feedback on this is welcome!)

These might be the first files you'd like to check out:

The compiler. Run with -h to print the command line usage.

Build script that compiles and links a tuplex program into an executable.

An example program that prints "Hello, world!".
There are also a bunch of other test programs in this directory, this is the suite of test source files used in the automated tests of the compiler (i.e. like unit tests). These have plenty of syntax examples covering most of the language.

To run the auto test suite use the following command:

python autotest/

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